As globalization becomes the norm, individuals, and more particularly families, move more frequently and freely than ever before; crossing local and international borders alike. As a result, there has been an increasingly urgent need for the law relating to families to extend beyond traditional borders and address the issues presented by these new “international” families when they are no longer intact and turn to the courts for assistance. One of the most important issues with respect to the mobility of families and their subsequent breakdown, is the question of which jurisdiction shall be called upon to make custody and access decisions in proceedings where a family (or a portion of that family) lives or has lived in more than one legal jurisdiction; and what happens when one parent moves a child to a different jurisdiction without the consent of the other. If you find yourself involved in a custody dispute which involves mobility issues, it is important that you find the best family law lawyer to represent you and deal with the complexities that are inherent in mobility disputes. The lawyers at Kain & Ball are experienced in dealing with mobility issues and have successfully represented clients in interjurisdictional custody and access disputes including child abduction cases and applications under the Hague Convention.

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