The most obvious reason to hire family law lawyers in Toronto is if you are getting ready to file for separation or a divorce. Divorce proceedings can be extremely stressful and full of uncertainties. Experienced divorce lawyers help alleviate your stress and provide you with accurate advice about potential outcomes and they always ensure that your interests are protected throughout the entire process.

Aside from filing for separation and divorce, there are other situations where you may need legal advice and counsel from a family law lawyer. Family law encompasses more than just the dissolving of marriage as there are issues such as child custody, access, child support, spousal support, division of property, etc. Let’s look at several of these areas in more detail to see how a family lawyer could benefit you.

Child Custody

If you have a minor child while legally married, in a common-law marriage, or out of wedlock, both parents have specific rights. In recent years, involvement by both parents is highly regarded by the courts, so long as it is in the child’s best interests. If you have concerns about the custody of your child and your legal rights, obtaining help from a family lawyer is beneficial, and at the same time, helps protect your rights as the child’s parent. Following suit with custody there is also the issue of deciding who will make the major decisions regarding education, healthcare etc. Some parents have the ability to make decisions solely, whereas others require permission from the other parent before making any major decisions for the child.

Reasons to Retain the Services of Family Law Lawyers in Toronto


People often assume that custody and access are the same things. However, though they are interrelated they mean different things. Access deals with the amount of time each parent is allowed spend with their child, this is sometimes a decision made during mediation or by the courts. There are circumstances where parents bring forward an access schedule that they have both agreed on. However, in many cases this can be an ongoing issue and point of contention for the separating parties. In any case the bottom line for determining access deals with what is in the child’s best interests, sometimes that requires the assistance of legal counsel.

Family lawyers aid in attempting to reach amicable access schedules.  If there is a current visitation schedule that the other parent is not adhering to, or a parent feels the schedule should be reviewed for potential changes, these are two more areas lawyers can lend their expertise and guidance.

Child Support

The courts expect both parents, regardless of whether they were legally married, to contribute towards their child’s financial needs for food, clothing, shelter, healthcare, and education. Simply because one parent may not want you in the picture, so to speak, does not mean you do not have financial obligations. In addition, people’s financial situations do change, where they might find themselves unemployed, face a reduced income, or receive a promotion with a higher salary. Any substantial changes in circumstance should be reported to your lawyer to ensure that you and the other parent are always paying a fair support amount.

As you can see, there are other areas of family law divorce lawyers practice and can provide expert counsel. To discuss any of the above matters or other family law issues in greater detail, please feel free to contact Kain & Ball Family Law Lawyers in Toronto at 647-499-4888 today to schedule a consultation appointment.

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