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Separation & Divorce

The decision to end a marriage relationship is perhaps one of the most difficult decisions you will ever make. At this stressful and often confusing time, many questions arise surrounding the divorce and separation process. At Kain & Ball, our experienced team of family lawyers in Toronto will guide you through the separation and divorce process.

Child Custody

If you have children and are going through the process of a separation or divorce, perhaps the greatest cause of stress and discord are the questions surrounding what will happen to the children following the breakdown of your marriage. Who will have custody? Where will the children live during the separation? How will they be affected?

Property Division

Upon separation, married spouses are entitled to an equalization of their net family property. This means that they are entitled, not to the division of the property itself, but to the equalization of the value of the property. The process involves the application of a specific calculation which is set out in detail in the Family Law Act known as the equalization of net family property.

Marriage Contracts

Marriage Contracts and Cohabitation Agreements are domestic contracts which couples can use to define, expand, or limit their rights and obligations in Family Law which arise from their relationships. For instance, a Marriage Contract can address obligations such as spousal support and potential property claims.

Work With A Specialized and Experienced Family Lawyer Toronto

Kain & Ball was founded by Anita T. Kain and David R. Ball, two veteran Bay Street lawyers with the shared vision of providing the very best legal advice and representation to family law clients in Toronto. Kain & Ball opened its doors in 1993 with this mandate and has continued to grow over the years. In the transformations and expansions that our firm has undergone in the years that have passed, one thing remains constant and always will: our commitment to our Toronto & Mississauga family law clients.

Meet The Team
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Our Satisfied Clients

"Given the nature of family law, when people come to your office they are vulnerable and in a state of flux. For me, your entire team came together to help me navigate an extremely challenging and emotionally charged ordeal with insight and clarity. What has been most poignant for me is not merely the level of expertise offered by your office, but far more importantly, the compassion, integrity and care with which every single detail is carried out. No matter how busy you are, you always show tremendous respect for the fact that you are dealing with human beings... and while you for each of you this is your job, you recognize almost intrinsically that for us, as your clients, this is our life."

ClientFocused On Every Single Detail

"Anita and her very professional team were always compassionate-- their effective approach focuses on the human element first—“family-children-people”. [The priority] first and foremost at Kain & Ball [is] the client: respecting specific needs during a sensitive and important transition time in one’s life."

ClientCompassionate Team

"…No doubt you see some pretty nasty things in this business, and yet you never seem to let this cloud your commitment to treating each client with respect and individuality for their own specific circumstance."

ClientTreated With Respect

“Ms. Kain and her team were unbelievably helpful through a very difficult time. I always felt that they had my best interest at the forefront, and gave excellent advice accordingly. Their continued familiarity with my case was always surprising to me, given that I am far from their only client. This certainly made me feel that my case was a priority and of importance. Ms. Kain's expertise and commitment to her clients is unparalleled and I would recommend her and her team of professionals in a heartbeat.”

ClientUnbelievably Helpful

"I was very impressed at all times with the services provided by Kain & Ball…"

ClientVery Impressed

"I always felt like you heard me, and I am so thankful."


"In my occupation as a medical professional, my role is to help people who are often in the most difficult situation of their lives. When I needed legal help from a family law expert at a truly difficult time in my life, Anita Kain and her team were there for me in a similar way. I will be forever grateful for their professional, thorough and compassionate assistance in successfully navigating what can be a frustrating and trying process. I cannot recommend them highly enough."

ClientHighly Recommended

"I was amazed at the rapid response rate of the team... honestly, there are not many people (or offices) that have such a quick turn-around time for ongoing questions of their clients. And I know how busy you all are, though you never once made me feel like you were too busy to attend to my questions; in fact, you made me feel as if I was your only client in each and every one of our interactions. For such a large team, that is truly remarkable."

ClientRapid Response

"A very professional firm with a proven balance of “downtown prestige” “uptown convenience and
personal service” and “hometown compassion”."

ClientVery Professional

"It is so evident to me that every single person at Kain Family Law works with passion, and a true commitment to be the best they can be to their clients."


"I have known Anita for over 30 years now, her professionalism, her tenacity and her caring for her clients are simply the best… 3 years ago, I had the opportunity to use Anita’s services and they were second to none."

ClientSimply The Best

"…There is [a quote] that I often read which I believe Anita exemplifies in all that she does, and from what I have experienced in the past year, it is infused throughout every aspect of your office and each member of the team carries this same motto inherently in how you engage with your clients, and each other... whether dealing with the financial, bureaucratic or emotional content, there is humanity in all that you do. I am grateful to each and every one of you. “To be the best we can is our sacred human responsibility” - Albert Einstein "

ClientBest Experience

"I am so flooded with gratitude, not for the outcome (and not for the knowledge I have earned about the legal system... which I hope to never need to use again), but for the process we took to get there, that I could write a novel attempting to express my gratitude... but the words would undoubtedly get redundant."

ClientNo Words To Express Gratitude


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