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At Kain & Ball, we are committed to achieving the best possible results for clients in the most cost-effective, and low conflict manner possible. Depending on the nature of the issues; mediation-arbitration may be helpful in resolving certain disputes. Our experience has demonstrated that mediation can be especially useful in solving issues relating to children.

The process of mediation-arbitration involves the parties (together with their counsel) selecting a senior family law lawyer to act as a mediator to aid the parties and their counsel in coming to a final agreement to settle their issues. In the event that the mediation process fails and the parties are unable to agree, the arbitration process begins, and the mediator then acts as an arbitrator. The arbitration process is similar to that of a trial, however, it takes place in a private forum. The lawyers at Kain & Ball have formal training and extensive experience in representing clients in the mediation-arbitration process and are prepared to assist you.

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Our satisfied clients

“In my occupation as a medical professional, my role is to help people who are often in the most difficult situation of their lives. When I needed legal help from a family law expert at a truly difficult time in my life, anita kain and her team were there for me in a similar way. I will be forever grateful for their professional, thorough and compassionate assistance in successfully navigating what can be a frustrating and trying process. I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

Aura, BA hard decision made easier

“I am so flooded with gratitude, not for the outcome (and not for the knowledge I have earned about the legal system… which I hope to never need to use again), but for the process we took to get there, that I could write a novel attempting to express my gratitude… but the words would undoubtedly get redundant.”

Eve, CAmazing team

“Ms. Kain and her team were unbelievably helpful through a very difficult time. I always felt that they had my best interest at the forefront, and gave excellent advice accordingly. Their continued familiarity with my case was always surprising to me, given that I am far from their only client. This certainly made me feel that my case was a priority and of importance. Ms. Kain’s expertise and commitment to her clients is unparalleled and I would recommend her and her team of professionals in a heart beat.”

Jack, GWonderful

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